Wykes and Watson to run Rotterdam

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So far Canada has two male marathon runners who have qualified for the London Olympic Marathon: Reid Collsaet and Eric Gilles. But potentially after the Rotterdam Marathon on April 22nd, Canada could have four runners with the qualification time.

It now looks likely that Dylan Wykes (so unfortunate not to make the qualification time at last year’s Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (heavy winds)) will make one last attempt to get the required time along with Rob Watson at Holland’s premier marathon.

Wykes shortly after having had to drop out a marathon in Japan had indicated that he wouldn’t be making another attempt but this always seemed unlikely considering he had sufficient time to recover for another attempt and well the Olympics only comes around every 4 years!

Watson is looking at having to take over 4 1/2 mins off his personal best to make the qualification time but some super fast half marathon times indicate that this it is a possibility.

Of course Dylan and Rob know the situation – only 3 can go to London! What will happen if they both make the time? Will the selection committee simply pick the three fastest? Will they pick the men in form? Will they go with the most experience? It will be very interesting if indeed this happen and would be of course very disappointing for the man left out.

Read more hear about Wykes and Watson courtesy of the Vancouver Sun.


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    If there’s a tie there could be an old fashioned runner’s shootout….

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